June 1, 2021

Content :

1. Terms used.

2. Subject of the Agreement.

3. Conclusion of this Agreement

4. Rights and obligations of the parties

User Rights.

Obligations of the User.

User restrictions.

Operator Rights.

Obligations of the Operator.

Responsibility of the Operator.


5. Personal data, Confidentiality and security.

6. Additional Paid Services.

7. Additional Provisions.


End-User Agreement - the contents of this Agreement between the Operator and the User, which establishes and governs the legal relationship between them as the Parties to the Agreement in its current revision (hereinafter – the “Agreement”).

Operator is the rightholder of the content of this Internet portal. The Operator administers the Internet portal, provides Users with access to the Internet portal, its Services (also paid Services), under the terms of this Agreement.

User - an Individual who has accepted the terms of the Agreement and is visiting the Internet portal. The User, as well as the Operator, is a Party to this Agreement.

Internet portal – a special software and hardware complex based on the Operator’s resources: is a browser strategic game with no requiring for downloading and installing the of the game client on a personal computer or other User device (hereinafter referred to as the “Game”, “Portal”, “Game Portal”, Internet Portal”).

The game process includes the creation and development of your own virtual tea plantation with the option to use and receive funds in various currencies. No financial investment is required to participate in the game.

Game Rules are set by the Operator. It may be changed / amended by the Operator unilaterally, either without notifying of Users, or / and by related notification in the "News" section, located at the following address:

For more information, see the Game Rules at

Users access to the Internet portal is provided by the Operator defined terms only.

All exclusive rights to use the Portal belong to the Operator.

The Internet portal is located on the following websites at:,, and its subdomains.

Users access to the Internet portal is provided by the websites specified in the Agreement only.

Operator resources - servers, domain names, as well as other hardware and software owned or leased by the Operator.

Services - the providing by the Operator of the possibility for the User to access to the Internet portal, to use its opportunities and services, play the Game on the conditions specified in this Agreement.

Operator services are provided free of charge, with the exception of Additional Paid Services, which are optional to play the Game.

Services are provided by the Operator exclusively within the framework of the Portal in on-line mode, i.e. during its use by the User. Some Extra Paid Services may be provided in other way.

Additional Paid Services - providing the User with additional special features of the Portal for a fee set by the Operator.

These services are not required for the User to play the Game and are provided by the Operator to the User by its will, after the related inquire for them.

Additional Paid Services are provided by the Operator exclusively within the Portal; some Additional paid services may be provided in a different mode

Game balance - the amount of the User’s game currency, which he can replenish by crediting funds, or received by him as a result of game activity.

Game currency - represents the game values, provided to the User by the Operator as a paid service, except for special promotions, and is exclusively of a game nature.

The Game currency includes Coins, Energy, and Gold.

“Coins” - a game resource, used for shopping in the game Store and the purchase of tea bushes, as well as the “Watchdog” and “Scarecrow” for their protection.

“Gold” is the property of the Operator, accrued to the User for gaming achievements.

“Energy” - a game resource that can be used by the User to purchase in-game options, such as “Attack on alien field”, “Super boost” or “Auto-irrigation”, as well as to transfer funds from his Game balance.

Energy can also be obtained by exchanging Coins on the Energy Exchange.

Energy Exchange - The Energy Exchange is available to a User who has replenished his Game balance by an amount equivalent to 10000 RUB or more, where he can daily exchange a limited number of Coins for Energy at a changing rate. The rate can be changed in any way randomly.

The number of Coins available for exchange for Energy per day is determined by the exchange limit, which can be increased by the Energy.

Increasing the exchange limit by 1000 Coins per day costs 60 Energy units.

The user also receives a certain number of units of Energy on his Game balance in the following cases:

TYPE OF GAME BALANCE SUPPLY Number of units of Energy (% of the currency unit replenishment of the Game balance)
User 30%
lvl.1 Referral 20%
lvl.1 Referral Energy Exchange 5% of the amount of Energy
lvl.1 Referral Attack on the tea fields of other Users 5% of the cost of the attack

If there are 100 units of Gold on the Game balance, 1 unit of Energy gives the User the right to transfer from his Game balance the amount equivalent to 1 RUB.

The User can exchange for his Coins Energy and Gold.

Game Currency may be withdrawn by the Operator with reimbursement of funds to the User. The amount of such monetary compensation is determined by the Operator.

Referral - A User of the Internet portal who has registered on the Internet portal by the recommendation of another User. Users are awarded bonuses for referrals, from the date of registration of which no more than 180 days was passed

2. Subject of the Agreement

This Agreement (hereinafter referred to as the “Agreement”) governs the legal relations arising between the User and the Operator upon conclusion of the Agreement and the use of this Portal by the User.

2.1. By accepting the terms of this Agreement, the User certifies and confirms that he:

concludes the Agreement on a voluntary basis, knowingly, without any coercion on the part of the Operator and / or third parties

capable and competent, is sane and in sober mind and has the right to conclude this Agreement

In the case that a person who wishes to accept the Agreement has not reached the age of majority or is of limited legal capacity, including but not limited to, unless otherwise provided by the applicable laws of the country of his residence and / or citizenship, this Agreement may be concluded solely with the consent of its legal representative or guardian.

uses the Operator’s Internet portal solely at his own risk and at his own discretion, without coercion

understands and understands all the possible risks associated with the use of the Internet portal and the use of the Operator’s Resources, does not and will not have any claims to the Operator of a material nature or other claims in connection with the use of the Internet portal.

possesses the proper technical ability and technical means to fully use the Internet portal, including the user's personal computer and / or other device, through which he uses the Internet portal, meets the minimum system and technical requirements for the Internet portal to work

Additional requirements and restrictions may also be posted on the Site.

Test operating systems and / or test equipment are not suitable for using the Internet portal; the Operator does not guarantee the operation of the Internet portal in test operating systems and / or on test equipment.

information provided by the User in connection with the use of the gaming Portal is complete, reliable, does not violate the rights of third parties, which is an essential condition of this Agreement.

The information specified by the User is used by the Operator to further identify the User as a Party to the Agreement in accordance with the Privacy Policy

will execute the Agreement and use the Internet portal personally; will not transfer any rights and / or obligations arising from this Agreement to third parties or involve third parties as co-executors

upon conclusion of the Agreement, accepts all the conditions set forth in it, without any exceptions and / or reservations.

2.2. The Operator provides the User with access to the Internet portal under the terms of this Agreement, after its acceptance by the User.

2.3. The User understands and hereby unconditionally accepts that the purpose of the Game is the organization of the intellectual gaming leisure and entertainment for the User by the Operator.

2.4. The Internet portal is not a gambling, lottery, sweepstakes and is not intended to be used as a means of income and / or other enrichment of the User.

2.5. Any User using the Internet portal, including, but not limited to residents of the Russian Federation, agrees that the relationship between the User and the Operator provided for in this Agreement is not a credit relationship and / or a relationship between a participant and an organizer of sweepstakes (mutual bets) and / or other risk-based games, and do not give rise to legal relations provided for, including Articles 819, 1063 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation. The User will under no circumstances be the creditor of the Operator.

2.6. The terms of the Agreement in terms of providing the User with Additional paid services and transfer funds from the Game balance are not a public offer and are for informational purposes only


3.1 The use of the Internet portal is possible only after User adoption for the terms of this Agreement.

3.2. Since the adoption of the Agreement for the period of use of the Internet portal, the User acquires the rights and obligations established by the Agreement.

3.3. If at any time for any reason the User does not agree with the terms of the Agreement, he must immediately refuse and stop to use the Internet portal.

3.5. The operator is not obliged to verify personal and other data specified by the User during registration. If the User provided false information, including incorrect / incorrect and / or false data, the Operator has the right to suspend his possibility of using the Internet portal temporarily or permanently.


4.1. User Rights

Use the Internet portal for personal, non-commercial, entertainment purposes only.

For the above mentioned purposes, use all services and resources (including Additional Paid Services) of the Internet portal provided by the Operator.

If necessary, use the technical support of the Internet portal, contact the Operator for any questions through contact information or the feedback form.

Use the Internet portal on Free of charge (excluding the provision of Additional Paid Services) basis.

4.2. User Responsibilities

Indicate reliable information when registering on the Internet portal.

Independently take all necessary measures to ensure the effective security of own account; do not provide third parties with access to it.

If necessary, by the request of the Operator, provide any confirmation of own personal data specified on the Internet portal when registering.

Follow the instructions of the Operator within the framework of the Internet portal.

Do not violate the Operator’s copyright and intellectual property rights specified in the Agreement.

The User agrees to use the Portal solely for personal non-commercial entertainment purposes.

4.3. Special conditions

User is restricted to:

Use errors (bugs) of the Internet portal, any of its subdomains, services, unauthorized access to a common database, computer system, change the program code.

Use malicious programs that can harm the Internet portal, as well as special software that gives it superiority to other users in any aspect of using the Internet portal. In case of detection of such and similar violations, the Operator has the right to impose penalties on the User, including prohibiting access to the Internet portal and deleting the User’s account without reimbursing the latter for any costs and / or losses in this regard.

Register more than one account, as well as use identical credentials (including name, place of residence, wallets / payment system numbers) for two or more accounts.

Such a violation is qualified by the Operator as a “Multi-Account” and is punishable by blocking all accounts owned by the User, regardless of his reputation, status, position and acquired Additional Paid Services.

If the “Multi-Account” is revealed, compensation of the money spent by the User for the purchase of Additional Paid Services is not provided.

Register and / or use (log in) in two or more accounts using the same technical means (computer, tablet, laptop, other devices that support the Internet) or an IP address. This violation is equivalent to “Multi-Account” and provides for punishment in the form of perpetual blocking of the User’s account on the Internet portal without compensation to the User for the money spent on the acquisition of Additional Paid Services and any other losses.

Limit the access to the Internet Portal for other Users.

Engage in fraud and other illegal activities.

Advertise anything unrelated to the Game without the written permission of the Operator.

Use profanity, express threats against the Operator or other Users, distribute materials promoting violence, racial hatred, rejection of religious beliefs, etc. violation of civil rights and freedoms; containing pornographic information that advertises drugs, calling for the violent overthrow of power, as well as performing actions provided for by the current legislation of the country (state) of the User’s location when using the Internet portal, as prohibited.

The User agrees that his rights and obligations can be changed / supplemented by the Operator, about which he can be notified by contact information specified during registration on the Internet portal, and in their absence - by any other means at the discretion of the Operator.

4.4. Operator Rights

At any time, by own discretion, unilaterally without notice to Users and compensation, expand, change, terminate, restrict the provision of the Services for all or individual Users, as well as Additional Paid Services in order to ensure the smooth operation of the Internet portal.

Manage game processes and the Internet portal solely at your discretion.

Pause, change the course of game processes without notifying the User in order to ensure uninterrupted operation of the Internet portal.

Apply sanctions to the User in case of violations of this Agreement in order to ensure the smooth operation of the Internet portal. Sanctions against violators of the Agreement are cancellation of game resources or blocking of the User’s account at the discretion of the Operator.

Delete / modify User information posted on the Internet portal in order to ensure legal and information security and uninterrupted operation of the Internet portal.

Write off 5 units of Energy and 5 units of Gold from the User’s Game balance daily if the User has not logged into his account within 3 calendar months. After the authorization of the User on the Internet portal, the write-offs cease until the new similar period.

Accumulate Energy on the Game balance of the User in the cases provided for in the Agreement.

Track, save identification and statistical information about the User.

Distribute to users technical, advertising and other information regarding the Portal, the Services and Additional Paid Services.

Inform, warn, make comments, notify the User in case of non-compliance / violation of the terms of this Agreement. All instructions of the Operator must be strictly followed by Users.

Take legal measures to protect their intellectual, copyright and other property.

Modify, modify, supplement the Internet portal at its discretion without notifying the User.

Inaction of the Operator on violations by the User of this Agreement does not exclude the application of penalties later.

Operator shall have the right to block withdrawal and Energy Market for any user account if no cashout activities there aren't registered for last 180 days.

4.5. Operator Responsibilities

Ensure that Users can receive the Operator's Services within this Internet portal (including the receipt of Additional Paid Services).

Perform regular maintenance of the Internet portal and maintain its performance. This section does not exclude the possibility of errors and failure of the Internet portal and related websites, their hardware and software complex, services, including for reasons beyond the control of the Operator, which does not entail the responsibility of the Operator.

Answer questions from Users, in case of disputes, take all reasonable measures to resolve them.

4.6. Operator liability limitation

Any possible damage to third parties and / or other Users caused by the User in connection with the use of the Internet portal, any harm, including arising from force majeure situations, that is, caused by circumstances arising out of the will and desire of the Parties that it was impossible to foresee or avoid, including declared or actual war, civil unrest, epidemics, earthquakes, floods, fires and other natural disasters, actions of state or municipal authorities and other insurmountable circumstances, including, but not limited to the terms of the Agreement.

Any damage caused or which can only be caused to the User’s personal data and technical means in connection with the use of the Internet portal by him and / or other Users, including third parties.

Any losses (direct and indirect) caused to the User in connection with the use or inability to use the Internet portal, the behavior of third parties on the Internet portal, as well as other users of the Internet portal, unauthorized access to the User’s personal data.

Any losses or other harm incurred by the User in connection with the actions of the User and / or third parties that entailed non-crediting (non-receipt) or incomplete transfer (receipt) of funds to the Operator and / or User through electronic and other payment systems.

Statements, disseminated information, statements by the User and others, including unlawful acts carried out by him on the Internet portal and beyond.

Information provided by the User during registration, lost access to the Internet portal (login, password, etc.).

Loss by the User of acquired game values (Game Currency, achievements).

Payment by the User of Additional Paid Services and related expenses.

Uninterrupted operation of the Internet portal.

User’s capabilities related to access (access) to the Internet, data transfer speed, power of his equipment, power connection, etc. technical conditions on the side of the User.

Temporary technical malfunctions and interruptions in the functioning of the Internet portal, for temporary malfunctions and interruptions in the operation of communication lines, other similar malfunctions, as well as for malfunctions of the computer from which the User accesses the Internet.

4.7. The operator does not guarantee

The chance of satisfaction and / or compliance of the Internet portal with the requirements, expectations and perceptions of the User.

Conformity and compliance of the quality of the Services and Additional Paid Services to the expectations of the User.

The Operator is not obliged at the request of the User to submit documents and other evidence of a violation (by the User) of this Agreement and the application of sanctions against him, referred to in clause 4.4. present agreement.


5.1. By accepting the Agreement, the User gives the Operator consent to the processing of the User’s personal data on the terms determined by this and a separate Agreement on the Internet at: Personal data - any information relating directly or indirectly to the User as an individual received by the Operator with the permission of the User under the terms of the Agreement Confidential information - information received by the Operator during the registration of the User on the Internet portal, as well as during his visit to the Internet portal.

5.2. Confidential information is not subject to disclosure and transfer to third parties.

5.3. The User’s personal data may be transferred by the Operator exclusively in the following cases:

An official request from law enforcement agencies (violation of local and international law), The personal will of the User.

Inability to use the Services and Additional Paid Services on the Internet portal (which the User is warned about in advance).

Violations of clauses of this Agreement (at the discretion of the Operator).

5.4 The operator ensures the security of the user's personal data through their non-disclosure. In the event of unauthorized access to the Internet portal of third parties, the security of personal data is not guaranteed.

6. Additional Paid Services

6.1. Additional Paid Services are not a prerequisite for using the Internet portal.

6.2. The result of the provision of the Additional Paid Service is the provision to the User of the possibility of various improvements to the gameplay. The Additional Paid Service is considered to be provided by the Operator to the User qualitatively and in full and is accepted as such by the User at the time he receives the Game Currency on his Game Balance.

6.3. After the acquisition and / or provision of the Additional Paid Service, the funds spent by the User on its purchase are not refundable.

6.4. The User agrees that the Operator has the right to store personal information received when purchasing Additional Paid Services, under the terms of the Agreement.

6.5. The list of Additional Paid Services and their cost are published only by the Operator on the Internet portal.

Any information and offers to purchase these Services on third-party resources, except for the Internet portal and its websites, are considered fraud, for the consequences of which the Operator is not responsible.

6.6. The ways and possibility of acquiring Additional Paid Services are explained by the Operator on the Internet portal.

6.7. The Operator does not provide clarification on the issues of working with payment systems, through which the User decided to purchase Additional Paid Services, and is also not responsible for the correct operation of payment systems.

6.8. In the event of a technical malfunction of the Internet portal or intentional actions of the User, as well as in other cases when the Additional Paid Services were rendered without full / partial debit of funds from the User’s account, the User is obliged to inform the Operator about this fact. After that, the User must follow the instructions of the Operator.

6.9. The Operator does not reimburse funds to the User for Additional Paid Services.

6.10. The User, at his own expense, independently bears all financial expenses associated with the acquisition (transfer of money) for the purchase of Additional Paid Services, including any commissions, fees and other expenses.

6.11. The User guarantees to the Operator that he has all the legal powers and rights to conclude this Agreement, including with regard to the use (purchase) of Additional Paid Services by him.

6.12. In the case of the purchase of Additional Paid Services by a User under the age of 18, he must first obtain consent for such a financial transaction from his legal representatives.

The fact of the purchase of Additional Paid Services by the User is a confirmation of the receipt of such consent from the legal representative of the User or that such consent is not required due to the age of the User. If necessary, the Operator has the right to request written confirmation of consent and the provision of passport data to determine the true age of the User.

If it is not provided, the User will lose the opportunity to use the Internet portal. Also, the use of the Internet portal can be suspended and / or terminated by the Operator at the request of the parents or other legal representatives of the User.

6.13. Any responsibility for the acquisition and use of Additional Paid Services is entirely assigned by the Agreement to the User and / or his legal representatives.

6.14. Receiving Additional Paid Services by the User is possible only after full payment of their cost.

7. Additional Provisions

7.1. The user assumes full responsibility for the right to use the Internet portal in his country and local legal regime, based on local laws and taking into account international law.

If the User is not entitled to use the Internet portal subject to the terms of the Agreement and the Rules of the Game, according to the legislation of his country and / or there are other restrictions (by the age of the User and / or others), he is obliged to immediately refuse to use the Internet portal as soon as he this became known and / or should have become known.

7.2. The invalidity of one / several paragraphs / sections of the Agreement does not entail its invalidity as a whole. In this case, the Parties must fulfill their obligations under the remaining clauses / sections of the Agreement.

7.3. Any disputes arising between the Parties to the Agreement are subject to settlement in pre-trial procedure by correspondence between the Operator and the User.

7.4. This Agreement may be amended, supplemented by the Operator without notifying the User.

To avoid disputes, the User agrees to independently verify the text of the Agreement.

Any changes to the text of the Agreement come into force by the publication of the amended version of the Agreement in the appropriate section of the Internet portal.

The amended version of the Agreement after publication on the Internet portal is considered the current version of the Agreement.


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