(03.09.2019) Update

Friends, we are releasing a portion of updates on our project!

1)We have added a button "Sneak into another field" on your playing field. Spending 15 energy units You can send a squad of thieves on the field of another player, which is selected randomly. In the case of a successful attack, you will receive a part of the leaves of the harvest itself. Thieves can only attack fields that have 4 or more bushes on the field! Prevent your attack can only Guard dog, which You can buy in the store!

2) Under your playing field there is a button "Personal Leaf Statistics". When you click on it, You will be able to see all the actions that have been associated with your leaves (attacks of birds, attacks of other players, your attacks, harvesting and selling crops).

interesting updates are waiting for you Ahead, thank you for being with us!