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Answers to the questions

Is it required to invest money in a project to receive payments later?

No! First: A bonus of 10,000 coins is given upon registration, Second: you can get rewards from the replenishments by people you invited.

How many coins are equal to 1 Ruble?

1 RUB = 100 coins!

I have coins, why can᾿t I cash out them?

To get bonus, you need to have gold and energy

If I invite friends, what will I get?

You will get a reward of 18% of their replenishments, and 7%, 5%, 5% and 5% from Tiers 2, 3, 4 and 5, respectively!

I’ve bought a bush, but it does not give any leaves, why?

For the bush to give leaves – you should plant it!

How much bonus can I get if I do not replenish may game balance?

You can get no more than 1 ruble without replenishing the balance. To receive bonus, you should replenish your game balance with at least RUB 100, or invite an active referral!