Answers to the questions

What is a button to dig out?

Having selected an object on the playing field, you can click on the “dig” button, thereby moving it to inventory. Of course, then you can return the object to the field.

I have no place on the field, what should I do?

To free up space on the field, use the “Dig” button. If you want to sell objects from inventory, please contact support. We remind you that you can improve the bushes on the field to the next level. The cost of improving a small bush to an average is 90,000 coins, and the cost of improving a medium bush to a large is 900,000 coins.

Why do I need a scarecrow?

Every day, evil birds will attack your field, which can peck part of the harvest. To protect your plantation from plaque, buy a scarecrow in the store, and then place it on the field.

What does the guard dog give?

Other players can send cunning thieves to your field who are able to steal part of the harvest. To protect yourself from them, purchase a watchdog in the store and install it on the playing field.

How can I send thieves to someone else’s field?

Above your playing field there is a button "Get into someone else field." By clicking on it, you will spend 15 units. energy, but at the same time a randomly selected player will be attacked by thieves. If the outing is successful, the thieves will bring you part of the other player’s harvest. Please note that if there is a guard dog on the player’s field, you will not receive anything.

Why doesn’t the bush I bought give a harvest?

So that the bush begins to bring you leaves, you need to plant it. To do this, click on the bush, and then click on a free cell in the field.

I can’t buy or plant a bush. What to do?

Try to do this on our other domain,, We also recommend using a different browser. If the error persists, contact support.

I am a blogger and want to advertise your project. What will it be for me?

We work with bloggers. You will find detailed information about the collaboration here

How many coins will I receive for replenishment?

For each ruble you will be credited with 100 coins.

I have a lot of coins, but I can not conclude. What to do?

To withdraw 1 ruble you need to have 100 gold and 1 unit. energy.

What is energy for?

Energy is a special game resource that can be used for in-game purchases and withdrawals. The ways to get energy are described in detail in the Game Rules . Available energy amount and last actions look at Energy page

I have energy, but why can't I pull it out?

A request for withdrawal can be made only in the presence of gold. To get 1 energy you need to have 100 gold.

I replenished my stock account (+ 100%), but did not receive gold and energy in double volume. Why?

This promotion allows you to get only twice the amount of coins.